This collaborative project, between the Barbican and Persistent Peril was based upon an article by Peter Ackroyd and presented a very fun and open brief.

Influenced by a video game esthetic, the film depicts the history of the Barbican area using colour to show the passing of time and development of man made structures.

The production is a mix of Cinema 4D, Flash and After Effects.

Client: Barbican and City Of London
Direction: Persistent Peril
Producer (Barbican): Siddharth Khajuria and Ryan Nelson 
Sound Design: Andy Grier
Voice over: Orlando James
Article adaptation: Ginny Jones, Jonny Clapham with Siddharth Khajuria
Design: Garth Jones and Jonny Clapham
Animation: Jonny Clapham, Ginny Jones and Garth Jones

Script Writing, Style Development, Storyboarding and Animatics, Animation Production, Creative Direction

1 x Animation for Social
Making of

 Here you can see a selection of isometric character designs and props, along with the varing states of buildings. Created in a mixutre of Flash, illustrator and C4D from a bold limited colour palate which changes with each major section in the Barbicans history. 

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