A world of creatures who live within the shadows in our own ‘guide us through the streets of Brighton’. As they do so they reveal the speakers of the prestigious Flash on the Beach design and developers conference.

Presented with a wonderfully open brief and a list of the speakers names directors garth+ginny were delighted to develop ideas from concept to the final film, which screened in the beautiful Dome theatre during the inspiring 4 day event.

Directors garth+ginny’s response was to build on the idea of an eco system using abstract characters to create a sense of discovery, building an optimistic and uplifting sequence designed to reflect the conferences exciting atmosphere. The titles infuse playful character animation, photography and live action.

The response to the titles was thrilling, featuring on Stash dvd magazine (no.62), with a micro ‘Making of’ sequence, featuring designs, Flash animation and compositing stages, where the hand held effects and grain were added.

The titles have been blogged by some inspiring sites, including; the Stash, Cold Hard Flash, and Motionographer.

Client: Flash on the Beach
Design & Direction: garth+ginny
Produced at: Artillery Design
Music: Meducktions

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