These super shorts are animated frame by frame in photoshop by drawing in a 50x50 pixel grid. The audio is great fun to ‘compose’ and is created using an 8bit plug-in for Apple’s garage band.

In these experimental short films we play with visual conventions and try new techniques. The titles are created using ASCII art and each 50x50 pixel film is now available to view in Ultra HD 4K! 

The films have been a success both online and at festivals, appearing at the Pictoplasma: Characters in Motion Tour; Berlin, NYC and Buenos Aires. The shorts went viral appearing on now defunct inspirational creative blog Drawn, as well as The Creators Project Vice, Directors Notes and The Curious Brain.  

Pixel Film:'_|
Aardvark. Cactus. Spatial Awareness.

Pixel Film:Oo.
Antelope. Crocodile. Perspective.

Pixel Film:!//
Horse. Aerobics. Blur Frames.

Pixel Film:(?}
Dog. Cat. Visual Communication.

Audio: Persistent Peril
Design & Animation: Persistent Peril

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