We where asked to create a short animation encouraging the employees at Network Rail to donate one million hours of their time to Samaritans.

We enjoyed adapting the dynamic script, commissioned by Network Rail, using a mix of 2D character animation and motion graphics, in the iconic Samaritans colour palette. 

The film takes you on a journey through the different working environments of the Network Rail team. We follow track workers, ticket guards and trains, until we end up in a Samaritans branch and see the Network Rail team volunteering their time.

Client: Network Rail and Samaritans
Producer for Samaritans: Micha Hilliard
Production: Persistent Peril
Direction: Ginny Jones
Design: Garth Jones
Producer for Persistent Peril: Sam Bourner
Animation: Ginny Jones & Garth Jones


Below is the animatic for the film. An animatic is a series of timed storyboards to exospore the flow and content of the film, before production begins

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