Credit: Katie Lamb.

Working with the wonderful digital and education team at Shakespeare's Globe we created a cast of characters to inhibit their new educational space, ‘The Globe Playground’!  The space features animations, games and activities for 5-11 year olds. 

We created a full character bible so that our cast could be used from screen to print. The bible featured facial expressions and poses, colour palettes, ‘how to draw’ illustrations and guides on creating backgrounds in the same style.

The ramshackle company of animal actors each play their own part in the day to day running of the Shakespeare’s Globe. Each Beast has their own skill, whether it’s costume design, prop making or play writing, which aids the creation of the plays they perform. The animals personalties match a different Shakespearian archetype, which determines their role on stage.
All of the backgrounds and textures are taken from the Globe itself, along with their fantastic prop and costume department. 

See the Beasts in action in our short films for the Globe here and in games and activities on the new Globe Playground site.

Client: The Globe 
Direction & Illustration: Persistent Peril
Art Direction: Garth Jones, Ginny Jones 
Creative director for The Globe: Harper Ray
Producer for PP: Sam Bourner
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